WSP to speak with Devola residents

Dates to remember:

¯ Regular commission meeting, 9 a.m. Thursday, 1115 Gilman Ave.

¯ Monthly county home meeting, 11 a.m. March 9, county home.

¯ Finance committee meeting, 10 a.m. March 16, courthouse.

Source: Washington County Commission Clerk.

The engineering design firm WSP will come to Devola next week to speak with residents about the Devola Sewer Improvement Project.

WSP will be in town to finalize landowner septic tank and proposed grinder pump locations on individual properties, according to the Washington County Commission.

“We wanted to make sure WSP would be available to answer questions for anyone out there,” Commissioner Charlie Schilling said.

He said he likes the fact that WSP will be getting in touch with residents if they have any questions.

“We have a list of houses we’d like to talk to,” said Rich Wischmann, WSP lead engineer.

A notice will be left on the doors of houses they’ve visited if no one is home. A phone number, 740-538-7766, will be listed for homeowners to set up a time to meet with WSP representatives before the end of the week.

The commission also announced Thursday afternoon that the final plans for the project will be submitted to the Ohio EPA by the end of today.

Schilling said there will also be a meeting with representatives from Covalen, who sells the grinder pumps used in the project. He noted they are looking to open the project for bid this summer.

The Ohio EPA ordered the project done in 2012 due to high levels of nitrates in well water. The commissioners at the time voted not to follow the order, which led to the Ohio EPA suing the county. The original court order required the county to provide sewerage connections to homes on Lawton Road by the end of 2020, with the remainder of the community to be connected by 2025.

In other commission business:

¯ During Thursday’s meeting of the board of commissioners, County Engineer Roger Wright brought before the commission a contract for the Washington County Road 20 bridge project. Armstrong Steel Erectors was awarded the contract with a bid of $1,660,894.

Wright’s estimate was about $2.14 million. He said work is scheduled to begin in March or April and that section of road will be closed for several months.

¯ County Auditor Matthew Livengood sent the commissioners a notice about payments received on behalf of the Wayne National Forest.

Rather than paying taxes on the 40,000 acres of land, the county gets funds from the sale of national forest products. Livengood noted 50 percent goes to the local school district and the other 50 percent is split between entities “with responsibilities a part of the county highway and bridge system within the Wayne National Forest area.”

The 50 percent given for roads and bridges is split further. Another 50 percent goes to the county engineer for bridges, while the second 50 percent is divided between the county engineer and townships.

Livengood stated Frontier Local Schools will receive 78.95 percent of the almost $25,000 payment, the county will receive 8.55 percent and the townships split 12.5 percent.

The breakdown is:

¯ Frontier Local Schools – $12,194.53.

¯ County engineer – $8,043.51.

¯ Grandview Township – $870.69.

¯ Independence Township – $573.14.

¯ Lawrence Township – $838.98.

¯ Liberty Township – $663.38.

¯ Ludlow Township – $558.51.

¯ Newport Township – $646.31.

“The township split is prorated based on the actual inside millage of each,” Livengood stated in his letter to the commissioners.

Michele Newbanks can be reached at mnewbanks@mariettatimes.com.


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