Update provided on oil leak at Veto Lake

Photo by James Dobbs Zak Zatezalo, with Bordas and Bordas Attorneys PLLC, gives an update on Veto Lake on Tuesday evening.

After an oil leak was found at Veto Lake in recent weeks, a meeting was held Tuesday evening at Farmer’s Daughter & Son in Marietta to provide an update on the situation.

Zak Zatezalo, with Bordas and Bordas Attorneys PLLC, is working with local people from the oil and gas industry to figure out why the leak happened.

“Well, all we know now is that there’s been oil found in the distributor that feeds Veto Lake,” said Zatezalo.

Zatezalo said he is working with a team including lawyers, engineers and hydrologists that is looking into the issue in Washington County. He said the law practice has extensive experience in dealing with environmental situations and the impact to property rights and environmental rights when dealing with contamination.

“We have a team that takes a look at these situations, tries to assess the nature and scope of any problems that are cropping up in communities and tries to assist where we can in terms of legal intervention, if it becomes necessary, as part of trying to maintain everybody’s property rights,” said Zatezalo.

Zatezalo also explained that his team is focused on maintaining a clean and safe environment for the public to enjoy.

“We’re still trying to get a sense for the scope of the contamination, the size of it and the status of it,” he said.

Zatezalo said his understanding of the issue is that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has been trying to locate the source of the contamination.

“Certainly our clients believe it was from an abandoned well that has become over-pressured, from deep water injection produced fluids, but we’re still waiting on answers from the state,” explained Zatezalo.

There will be another meeting scheduled at a later date to continue the discussion of the Veto Lake oil leak when more information is available.

James Dobbs can be reached at jdobbs@newsandsentinel.com


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