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Muskingum Garden


The Muskingum Garden Club met via Zoom. LaTrelle Ellis called the meeting to order. She read the inspiration for Jenny Ellis “Whispers of Gods’ Love for Women” based on Psalm 39 verses 13-14. She asked the attendees for suggestions for future activities for the Club. Many suggestions were to implement the past years’ trips which we were not able to pursue due to the pandemic as well as visit to Lilly Far.

Secretary’s Report was postponed until next meeting. Nadine Kasick gave the Treasurer’s Report; it was approved as presented. It was suggested that hydrangeas in our city flower bed need to be cut back. LaTrelle will contact members. Variety of Garden hints were offered such as cutting back bi-annuals which produce blooms on new growth in the summer, such as butterfly bushes, hydrangeas and many other flowering bushes as well as decorative grasses and evergreens.

Debbie Naeser gave a presentation on growing and using sprouts. In these cold and dark days the nutritional value of sprouts is invaluable. One can put them on sandwiches; use them in salads as well as soups. To sprout seeds for food, you need to select seeds suitable for sprouting; do not use garden seeds that are treated with chemicals. Wide mouth jars with screens on top are good for sprouting. Once seeds are sprouted they need to be rinsed often. The sprouts may be kept in the refrigerator up to a week.

Atendees: Latrelle Ellis, Debbie Naeser, Val Hoover.

Next meeting is to be announced.

Nadine Kasick made a motion for adjournment. It was approved by voice at noon.

Trail Blazer 4-H Club

The Trail Blazer 4-H Club held their first meeting on Feb. 23, 2021 at Barlow Fairgrounds at 6:30 p.m. by in-person or via Google Meet. There were two families using Google Meet and in-person there were 8 members and 7 guests present. Cassie Dennis led the American Pledge and Emily Hoffman led the 4-H Pledge.

Members are asked to send pictures of a circus theme of them that goes along with 4-H theme, 4-H Is How We Roll. Please send pictures by Feb. 28 to Pam Moore. These will be used in window display at Seaman’s for 4-H Week. Jill Dennis is doing a social media entry and Emily Hoffman and Cory Hoffman did the poster for 4-H Week.

If anyone wants to sell candy bars let Pam Moore or Kelle Haffner know.

4-H enrollment is to be done online this year. Books available online or at extension office. Enrollments due to extension office by April 15.

Registration is open for virtual quality assurance… dates are March 23, 24, 25; April 19, 20, 21; May 6 ; face-to-face session May 20 for those people without internet.

4-H Endorsement Dinner is a Curbside-To-Go on Saturday April 3. Dinner orders due by March 24.

New horse project this year. New program to reward riding time, including trail riding.

Next meeting will be election for club officers.

Next meeting is in March at Barlow Fairgrounds; look for updates for date it will be held.

— Reported by Emily Hoffman and Cory Hoffman.


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