The following individuals recently filed for marriage licenses at the Washington County Courthouse:

¯ Brett Stuart Ullman, 38, of Beverly, and Elizabeth Achieng Apunda, 24, of Gambier; April 29.

¯ Ashley Marie Reynolds, 34, and Derek Allan Maas, 32, both of Marietta; May 2.

¯ Amber Lee Addlespurger, 29, and James Travis Hasley, 42, both of Marietta; May 3.

¯ Alexandra Kristian Bush, 30, and John Michael Carpenter, 33, both of Vienna; May 3.

¯ Jeffrey Scott Webber, 53, and Kristina Lynn Leonard, 52, both of New Matamoras; May 3.

¯ Christopher Michael Reed, 37, and Cynthia Dawn Ferguson, 34, both of Ravenswood, W.Va.; May 4.

¯ Timothy Harlan Clair Somerville, 33, and Kayla Marie Hagar, 31, both of Marietta; May 5.


¯ Richard Eugene Casto, 65, of Waterford, and Virginia Gail Casto, 63, of Three Oaks, Mich., were granted a divorce on April 27.

¯ Brittany Nicole Hapney, 31, of Parkersburg, and Mark Russell Hapney, 33, of Waterford, were granted a dissolution of marriage on April 27.

¯ Shoshawna M. Lowers, 37, of Lowell, and James J. Lowers, 43, of Caldwell, were granted a divorce on May 3.


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