Don’t take a break from God

I held my first knitting needles during lunch hours at my first job after business school in the offices of Union Carbide. Located too far down Route 7 to leave for lunch, my lady co-workers knitted while they ate, and were most helpful to get me started.

Over 50 years of knitting, I have lost count of the number of sweaters, hats, baby blankets or skeins of yarn worked through these well-worn hands. And I wonder how many days all those knitting hours would have filled if summed.

It’s the similar line of ponder when I think about how a good, home-cooked dinner takes up an afternoon. How many days of cooking hours would have been filled if added up over 50 years.

We can divide our life into various hours of activity to see where our priorities are, where we spend our time and money. We can look at our time spent with God, and see where He fits in to our life.

I wrote a poem once about portioning time and life. It’s called Basic Math: A woman might go through life as a one, or marry and be part of a two. When a child is born, the two is a three, another child, the one is a fourth. Dividing a one into pieces can be a complex problem to solve. A woman spends half her life in division, and the other half trying to be whole.

Granted, originally I was thinking about women, but the poem can be effectively used for either gender.

This month begins the summer vacations with more leisure time, a nice break from the children’s school and activity schedules.

As we divide our summer calendar, will we continue to keep the private time spent with God as a high priority? Are we entitled to take a break from Sunday worship and Bible study since summer is only a few short weeks? Will it truly matter if we take a little vacation from our faith schedule?

We know that God never changes (see James 1:17). We can rely on Him as the infinite, holy, all-knowing, all-powerful Creator of the universe and everything it contains. So, if some of us take a few weeks off in our faith practice, He will not st the universe, right?

Is it really OK to take a break from God? Do we dare assume what our God does, does not, or might do?

When we accept the salvation of Christ and enter into a personal relationship with Him, the Holy Spirit comes to live within us. Our body becomes His temple (1 Cor. 6:19,20).

The Holy Spirit becomes the guarantee of our future inheritance in heaven (Ephesians 1:13,14).

When we know our Redeemer purchased our life through His death, as responsible Christians we cannot take a vacation from Him. We are sealed with the Holy Spirit, and He is with us wherever we go, whatever we do, and whenever we do anything.

If we live as we are called, there is no such thing as dividing our time up so our Lord can have some of it. He has all of our time on this earth.

I hope we never even consider taking a single day of vacation from our God. Life is too important to not take our faith seriously. As Christians we are pledged to serve Him, and we must handle ourselves within His standards for living.

Giving our life to Christ is an essential first step, but it is only the first step. God’s will for us is to become spiritually mature, growing stronger in our relationship to Christ, and our service for Him.

This takes time and effort. It is a journey with many steps, and it should be everyone’s main goal in life.

Now that summer is here, it is the perfect time to take a break and slow down a little from a world held tight with high speed and instant gratification. As we enjoy our family fun, let’s bless the Lord with more of our quality time, too.

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