There is always time to teach kids safety lessons

Generations of Marietta kids grew up a little better prepared for day-to-day dangers after having gone through the Samuel L. Cook Safetytown experience. This year, the opportunity will have to be put on hold for some kids.

Because of coronavirus restrictions, and the difficulty in rescheduling the event this summer, organizers are now hoping the event will host two groups of eligible kids.

“It was a tough decision to not hold it this year,” said Colleen Cook, Sam’s daughter. “The hope is next year we can again offer the full Safetytown experience and we’d like to invite those kids who would have been eligible this year to come and learn next summer.”

Parents should still take advantage of the resources being made available by the Marietta Rotary Club, such as social media for digitized coloring pages and daily tips. And, of course lay the groundwork for their kids’ safety education by making sure they talk about the importance of being aware, following the rules and learning what all those tricky signs mean.

Safetytown provides a wonderful advantage for our kids. It has probably saved more than one life over the years. Here’s hoping by this time next year there will be double the usual number of local children exploring the miniature city blocks (and enjoying the snacks) of Safetytown.


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