Teens are taking the lead during virus crisis

As is often the case, a few bad apples make us forget about the good in the basket as a whole — particularly when we are talking about young people. It is too easy for members of older generations to grumble about “kids these days,” and point to examples of irresponsibility, apathy and even active defiance in the news.

But the majority of young people don’t deserve that kind of curmudgeonry.

Across the country — and of course, right here in the Mid-Ohio Valley — young people are stepping up to help us all get through this truly bizarre chapter.

For example, look at Dhruv Pai, 16, and Matthew Casertano, 15, of North Potomac, Md., who realized that while they were already delivering groceries to their own grandparents as a result of COVID-19 precautionary guidance, they were capable of doing much more. And so were their friends.

They started Teens Helping Seniors, which now has more than 650 volunteers nationwide and in Canada, making free deliveries to those who feel unsafe leaving their homes for shopping during this time.

In addition to helping their neighbors, “It also provided a way for us to feel like we were making a difference in the world at a time when this pandemic was sort of disconnecting us from everyone else,” said Casertano.

We’ve got to remember most young people are more like these teens than we give them credit for. It’s good to know that in an unsettling — maybe even frightening — time like this, we can count on young people to understand what is the right thing — and to have the energy, motivation and know-how to get it done.


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