Election needs poll workers

Though it may be sneaking up on some of us, the fact remains Ohio has an election coming up Nov. 2. It might not carry the same wow factor as last year’s election, but in many ways it is more important, as it will decide significant races at the community and state level.

There is a problem, however. Without the excitement of a presidential election to draw in volunteers, the Buckeye State is short on some very important people — poll workers. More than 17,000 are still needed.

“We are putting out the help wanted sign,” Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose said last week. “We’re asking for people to sign up and be a poll worker. The help that you’re providing is help to defend democracy, help to make sure that your neighbors have the opportunity to cast their vote in a free and fair election.”

As it stands, only four of Ohio’s 88 counties have the number of poll workers needed.

LaRose’s office even made a call to veterans to fill the gap.

“I’ve been reaching out to my fellow veterans and veteran groups to ask veterans to continue keeping their oath to preserve and protect the Constitution,” LaRose told another media outlet. “Whether you hung up the uniform years ago or decades ago, a way to continue keeping that oath to preserve and protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic is by signing up to be a poll worker.”

You will be paid for your time, and could even receive continuing education credits, depending on your field. If those things aren’t incentive enough, you will also be ensuring our election is carried out fairly and properly.

If you are eligible and able, consider signing up to help, folks.


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