Organ donation even affected

Looking for yet another reason to just go ahead and get the COVID-19 vaccine already? A Cleveland Clinic patient last week was told his life-saving kidney transplant would have to be delayed because the donor is unvaccinated against the virus, the patient’s wife said over the weekend.

According to a report by another media outlet, the Ohio man is in debilitating pain because of cysts covering his kidneys, but the hospital said his donor’s choice — against receiving the COVID-19 vaccine — presented a risk. The family is upset because they believe this is a change in protocol by the hospital, but there are similar policies in place all over the country.

While the Cleveland Clinic looks for solutions for this one patient, it hammers home the point that remaining unvaccinated creates untold risks for more than the person who has made that choice. In this case, it is affecting the health and wellbeing of a transplant patient. Those who have considered becoming living organ donors must understand a hospital is not going to put already vulnerable patients at any greater risk than they must.

But, again, for all of us, those who are otherwise eligible but CHOOSE to avoid doing the right thing for themselves, their families and the people around them are increasing the risk of new variants and potentially spreading a deadly virus.

Now we know that even if they wanted to save the life of a friend or family member in need of a living organ donor, it might not be safe for them to do so.

Hospitals do not make decisions like these lightly. These are well-educated, highly experienced medical professionals and scientists trying to “do no harm,” as the Hippocratic Oath puts it. For goodness sake, folks, if you were looking for just one more piece to help make your decision to get this done, this is it.


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