Health department needs to get accredited

Businesses and organizations of all kinds can understand how the changing workload — and changes in the way we work — over the past couple of years might have meant other priorities got kicked down the road. Almost no one can truly understand what local health departments have faced during that time.

While it is understandable, then, that the Washington County Health Department has fallen behind in its effort to attain accreditation, sympathy goes only so far. It is good to see that under the leadership of new Administrator John Jackson, the department has a renewed sense of urgency in being accredited by the May deadline.

“I think everybody is willing to do the work,” Jackson said. “I just don’t think they had a full comprehensive picture of what needed to be done.”

Finishing that work will be difficult, though so far Jackson does not seem to be the type to be tempted to hand the job to someone else because the going is tough.

“I feel very confident in John’s ability and he’s really taking the bull by the horns, he’s making things happen,” said Crystal Earley, regional public health emergency preparedness coordinator. “I feel a lot better now than I did six months ago about accreditation.”

Good. Let’s hope everyone at the Washington County Health Department carries the determination shown in this week’s meeting through completion of the accreditation process by May.


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