A real physician

CNN and MSNBC have finally reached the ultimate low. Sometimes, they report stories where you know their version of the truth has nothing to do with the actual truth, and more with wild conspiracies. For example, they were all convinced that the Russians influenced the 2016 election. The real truth is that the idea was hatched by the Hillary Clinton campaign to take the heat off of her unprotected emails. Another example is the recent event of President Trump contracting COVID-19. After he was released from the hospital, he went up to the balcony with nobody around him and took his mask off and waved. He was viciously accused of being irresponsible and a “super spreader” of the coronavirus.

Now they have went beyond comprehension and have claimed that President Trump’s doctor, Sean Conley D.O., is not a real doctor because he is an osteopathic physician. Dr. Conley is a Navy physician and received his undergraduate degree from Notre Dame. He went to the Philadelphia Osteopathic School of Medicine. I would just like to know how many of the CNN and MSNBC broadcasters could get into Notre Dame University or POSM? Dr. Conley is actually an emergency room specialist who coordinated the care with infectious disease doctors and pulmonary specialists. I hate to inform CNN and MSNBC, but whoever the next president of the United States might be they will have an osteopathic physician as their doctor. This is because Joseph Biden’s physician is Dr. Kevin O-Connor, is also an osteopathic medical school graduate.

George Tokodi, D.O.



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