Michael Fletcher for Ohio Senate District 30

I am voting for Michael Fletcher to represent District 30 in the Ohio Senate. As a listener and a doer, Fletcher has the patience and temperament needed to build relationships and get things done in Columbus.

Michael Fletcher has life experiences that make him a great candidate. As an Eagle Scout and an adult Boy Scout volunteer, Fletcher considers the Boy Scout oath a lifelong promise: believing in God and country first, being prepared, and helping others daily. He has worked as an EMT and in the financial fields of real estate and financial planning. Fletcher is also a husband and a father of five.

Fletcher will fight to fix Ohio’s illegal education funding system and reduce the testing and record keeping burden placed on Ohio’s teachers.

Michael Fletcher believes that infrastructure should be maintained and upgraded, community funding be restored, and that high-speed internet should be expanded.

Fletcher is concerned about health care and will support taking care of our veterans and homeless and treating drug abuse and mental health problems as the healthcare crises they are.

A vote for Michael Fletcher, Ohio Senate District 30, is a vote for a better Ohio.

Margaret Webster



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