Support Cora Marshall for County Commissioner

I am a proud homeowner in Devola and I am directly impacted by the sewer project. When this project was first discussed ten years ago, I was skeptical. Over time, I realized that even though my source of water was improved, the impact to the community watershed was more important. Cora Marshall understood this and the inevitability of the Ohio EPA mandating the sewering of the western side of Devola. Not only that, Cora and her county commissioner colleagues at the time arranged the sewer project so it would require just a $300 increase in property taxes. She also arranged for a US Department of Agriculture grant so that those over age 62 and low-income households would experience zero cost for the sewer project. Now the inevitability of the sewering of Devola is forced through a court order because of the fruitless opposition of the current county commissioners – at a cost of nearly three times what it was ten years ago.

Cora is a problem-solver who can work with the city, the 22 townships in our county, and other entities to advance the economic and social development of the county. She has worked closely with the city of Marietta in the past – without the condition of annexation. She has a principled interest in the autonomy of the townships, but is also concerned with how the county has countenanced over-development without appropriate infrastructure to support this development.

She has experience in obtaining grants to support development of our county and to assist individual property owners in their responsibility for infrastructure.

Her commitment to strategic planning is part of her agenda for the county and reflects her interest in updating the 2004 long-range plan for the county. She has shown in the past that she can work productively with officials and constituents of different political perspectives. All of these reasons make the compelling case to vote for Cora Marshall for county commissioner. Cora has the vision and commitment to serve us effectively.

George Banziger



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