And the parting gifts are…

During the recent election, voters voiced that it was time for change. Not all, but over 7,000,000 more voters believe that change was needed. Yet, our current “President” and his cronies cannot accept the fact: YOU LOST or in his reality show words, YOU’RE FIRED!! This reality show circus of an administration has set the country back in so many ways that time and space in this newspaper are not sufficient to list them all.

In his exit, let’s recap what the Donald is and has done as his parting gifts to the American public and his dictator friends worldwide. His refusal to accept the election outcome and not start a sensible transition is beyond belief. By delaying this traditional action, he is literally putting more people in danger of dying by not receiving the Covid vaccine in a timely fashion.

Already, over 250,000 have died due to his lack of a plan to combat this virus. For the small business owners (who he claims to care about), his administration has failed to provide a PPP act that we help them. Instead, he and Moscow Mitch are busy filling federal judgeships, while the country goes to hell in a handbasket.

Let’s not forget his buddy, Putin. He currently is pulling down troops around the world, leaving those left behind in harm’s way. Does he care?? No, but the most important thing is to keep Putin happy, regardless the cost. For his rich buddies, he has enabled them to add billions to their accounts, while the other 99 percent are trying to make ends meet. For those millions who have pre-existing health care issues, he may be giving you NO INSURANCE. Nothing would please him more than to undue anything still existing from Obama’s administration.

For the average American, he has left us with reduced EPA regulations that only benefit large money sucking corporations that can only make big profits by making the environment much worse than when he took office. For the average American, we could have been ahead of the game in fixing our crumbling infrastructure–but tweeting all day long and watching television was far more important.

One of the worst parting gifts is the division he has caused in this country through all his and his cabinet lies. He has encouraged white nationalists and many other race hatred groups to undermine our democracy.

Yes, the reality show known as the Trump administration has been canceled.

I am anxious to see what Fox News will say about the pending lawsuits facing Trump and his family that are awaiting him in the state of New York. There is an old saying: “What goes around, comes around.” Donald cannot get pardoned on any of these, because they are under state jurisdiction, not federal. This should include all his crooked friends, family, and hopefully some of his temporary cabinet members.

In the words of another game show that recently has started airing again – DONALD, YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK – GOOD BYE!!

Steve Porter



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