Common Sense

It’s illogical and irresponsible to proclaim that face masks don’t work and that we should use common sense. When we are faced with a deadly respiratory virus, common sense tells us that a facial barrier will prevent the airborne germs from entering our bodies. COVID doesn’t care about individual liberties, and ignoring the threat won’t remove it–but embracing reality will. The Marietta settlers didn’t sit around whining about their hardships. They got to work and built a city. Or look at “the greatest generation.” Pearl Harbor turned their world upside down, and in response they mobilized and won the war. We can win this war too, if we follow common-sense guidelines. Listen to Dr. Fauci and the other experts, wear a mask, keep distant from others, avoid large gatherings, and when a vaccine becomes available line up and take it. This is the adult path to victory.

Marty Jamison



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