The Great Ignoring

It’s not every day one gets to witness the spectacle of the President of the United States, behaving like a spoiled toddler, when his favorite toy is taken away. Our chief executive officer, spouting endless lies and conspiracy theories, further radicalizing his supporters, who gleefully drink in every word.

To paraphrase: It is a tale, told by a scoundrel, filled with sound and fury, signifying nothing. Trump’s words have no more significance than that of an angry toddler, and should be received accordingly. He is a disgrace and an embarrassment to this country and its people.

Many Biden voters are being harassed and threatened by Trump supporters, and this may go on for a while as these people absolutely refuse to accept reality. Anyone who thinks that they will work with us to make a better world, needs to wake up. It’s not going to happen, so we must be ready for their bad behavior to continue long-term.

The one thing we should NOT do is to respond in kind. Instead, we should treat them like little children who are having a tantrum. The one thing misbehaving toddlers hate most is to be ignored, and that’s exactly what we must do. Shun them; walk away; give them no attention; and don’t protest at their rallies. We must refuse to be drawn into their hateful efforts to engage us in quarrels, which often lead to violence.

I understand that this won’t be easy, but we have no choice if we want an end to this national nightmare that is Trumpism. We “libruls” must behave like the adults we are, the price is way too high to sink to their level. This will call for the best in all of us, we must love those who hate us, without allowing them to bring us down. Let us spread the word far and wide; together we can do this! First we had The Great Awakening, let us now have The Great Ignoring.

Regina Carpenter

Sammamish, Wash.


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