Wear A Mask. Period.

The recent letter in the Times was so full of misinformation that I feel compelled to respond again. The writer was adamant that the Covid-19 virus was “nothing to worry about” and that the scientists and doctors don’t know anything. He cited the fact that early in the Spring, when masks were scarce and information about how the virus spreads was less clear; there was a suggestion to avoid taking masks from healthcare workers who needed the scarce supply.

This is no longer true. There are ample supplies of masks at Walmart, drug stores or even online. There is no excuse for not wearing one except the oldest excuse in the world, “you can’t make me.” The resistance to mask-wearing is not based on science, the way the virus spreads is pretty clear. Some people just don’t like to be told what to do. They are basically selfish and in this case, stupid too.

I have a suggestion for Governor DeWine. I think he needs to go even farther with the restrictions on bars and restaurants: close them down for four weeks. Create a hotline to report non-compliance. The hotline could be called 1-800-STUPID or 1-800-SELFISH. Maybe we could require non-mask wearers to be tattooed on their forehead so that when they show up at the ER in respiratory distress healthcare workers could say “sorry, we don’t believe in the virus.”

Wake up Ohio Valley! Wear a mask. Period!

Teresa Porter



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