A breath of fresh air

The recent rejection by the Supreme Court of the Republican lawsuit that attempted to overturn a free and fair US election because it didn’t go their way, was a welcome breath of fresh air in this fetid Trump environment. Incredibly, this treasonous effort was backed by 19 Republican state attorneys general, and 126 US Representatives, including Rep. Bill Johnson. This was blatant sedition, and every one of them deserves to be immediately expelled from office. They have betrayed their oath to serve and protect our constitution, and they have instead shown themselves as its enemies.

So we can’t give Donald Trump all the blame for the damage done to this country and its people; his enablers in congress are equally at fault. Trump is just more honest than they are, saying what they are thinking, and doing what they would love to do. They long ago realized that they have a tiger by the tail, but they haven\\\’t the courage to let go. The Republican Party is crashing and burning, and I for one, will be glad to see the end of it. For forty years they have betrayed the people of this country, now it’s time to face the consequences.

Regina Carpenter

Sammamis, Wash.


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