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We’re writing in response to last week’s letter regarding proposed gaming machines on property we own and plan to develop in Williamstown.

First, we feel like we all agree on one goal: we all want the best for Williamstown. We hope, over our years with the restaurant, residents have seen that commitment from us. Every choice we’ve made has been with the best interest of our town, our employees, and our business.

This year was the 40th anniversary of daVinci’s, we went into this year with big goals, to celebrate in a huge way, and end the year with expansion plans to take us to the next level. In March, everything crashed around us. We’ve been lauded for surviving successfully, but in all honestly, we are just surviving.

We’ve missed the huge business times — Mother’s Day, graduations, summer catering, holiday parties — the times that keep us not just surviving, but successful.

Our employees and our business are treading water now. We must look forward to life going back to normal, but we will never get back this year.

In a usual year, there is a huge demand for a catering facility where we can serve 200 people. We are counting on getting life back next year, and we want to meet that demand, in Williamstown. We want to provide that facility where everyone will come enjoy our food in a large, group setting. We made a reference to having buses that was misunderstood.

We were referring to tour buses that would stop at our restaurant to eat. Buses that hold 55 people would never come for five gaming machines.

The five gaming machines we’re proposing will be in a closed, discrete room that will have no impact on the big facility. The gaming room will be the size of a very small bedroom, behind closed doors. But those five machines will help to finance this facility that is so sorely needed.

We have asked Williamstown to consider a variance to allow five gaming machines. That’s all I’m asking. Five machines that will help us to continue to employ even more people, and make the best decisions for the good of Williamstown, and our business.

Throughout this economic devastation, we have not let one employee go. We have continued to support local charities. We have continued to pay income taxes to the City of Williamstown. We hope you see that we have poured our souls into doing what’s best for Williamstown. Our wish is that the city will respect that, and back us up by giving us the opportunity to keep the growth going.

Pat Rauch

Chris Bender

daVinci’s Italian Restaurant



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