National nightmare is over

Our national nightmare is over. Our conservative-leaning Supreme Court has affirmed our Democracy by refusing to overturn our election results. The election was not “rigged” and we can now work to heal rather than to tear our country apart.

Perhaps Congress can again learn to work together as Americans doing the work of the people.

At the top of the Biden/Harris agenda is the COVID-19 pandemic. Science has produced several vaccines but it will take at least 6 months to get everyone immunized. In the meantime, hundreds of thousands will continue to die unless we all stay home, wear face masks, keep a distance from each other, avoid crowds and wash our hands. Our hospitals cannot keep up with the rate of infection and they might resort to “ration” our care.

It would make all of us feel better if Congress would work in a bipartisan manner. Millions of our people are hungry and homeless. If we can give large tax cuts to the 1% (the stock market continues to do just fine) surely we can feed and shelter those that have lost their jobs and homes because of this pandemic. Congress should stay in Washington until they pass meaningful legislation.

Our newspapers and mainstream news media are not the “enemy of the people.” I am appalled by social media (like Facebook) that continue to spread false information. President Trump keeps insisting that “he won” and that there was wide-spread “voter fraud” and most Republicans continue to believe him.

This is just not true despite the many lawsuits that were brought and discredited. We must get back to telling the truth, seeking the truth and having respect for one another. There is something terribly wrong when those Republicans that choose to follow the rule of law and their conscience are threatened with bodily harm.

Carol Lazear Mitchell



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