Thoughts on the election

Four years ago there was an election. The Democratic candidate lost the electoral college vote, even though she had won more of the popular vote. Many of us were devastated. Some of us cried, some prayed, many feared for the future under a President who came to power by creating the birther conspiracy, campaigning by bullying every other candidate, and with no knowledge of how government works and no desire to learn. However, our candidate made her concession speech and we accepted that she had lost and that there would be a peaceful transition of power because that how elections are handled in the United States.

Four years later, there is another election, again because that’s how it happens in the United States. This time the Democratic candidate won, both in the electoral college and the popular vote, by 7 million votes.

So does the party of Trump, formerly the Republican party, accept the loss so there can be a peaceful transition of power? No, because Trump alleges voter fraud, but only in those states where he didn\\\’t win.

Seems everything ran smoothly here in Ohio, and Washington County where Republicans ran the table.

So even when Trump appointees said there was no evidence of fraud, and was in fact, the most secure election ever, the ridiculous lawsuits, and the refusal to concede continue. Last week, with one last desperate attempt to overturn the results of the election, the President and his sycophants decide that a suit brought by Texas against other states should head to the conservative Supreme Court for their consideration. But because the justices have knowledge of the Constitution, they ruled that they would not hear the frivolous, unconstitutional suit.

Our county and state, like most of our nation is suffering from a pandemic.

Many are sick, too many have died. Many are struggling financially due to loss of jobs, with unemployment benefits soon to run out for a lot of families.

So what do our local elected officials, from county commissioners, to state representatives, state senator and Congressman consider their most important priority.

Well, our county commissioners decide a resolution supporting Trump in his futile attempt to overthrow democracy is a good idea. State officials also think it is important to sign on, as does our Congressman. Do any of our elected officials understand the Constitution?

It’s my understanding that one of our commissioners teaches classes on the Constitution. Perhaps it needs to be read again. The same commissioner reminded us that 70% of Washington County voted for Trump.

There is no surprise there, but 30% of us did not. All tax payers pay the salaries of public employees, including the 30% who, because they didn’t vote your way, you think are not owed representation.

You are wrong. You work for all of us. Do your jobs. Try making Washington County and Southeast Ohio great again.

Willa O’Neill



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