We should not tolerate corruption

If you have been paying attention to Ohio news lately, you are no doubt familiar with that terrible energy bill known as HB 6 that our legislature passed in 2019. House Bill 6 should have raised a lot of red flags. Why were its supporters spending unprecedented amounts of money? Where were the figures documenting the alleged need for $1.3 billion in subsidies? Why are all rate payers in Ohio on the hook for bailing out two climate-wrecking coal plants (one in Indiana), and two failing nuclear power plants to the tune of over $85 annually for several years? Why did the bill include a major rollback of renewable energy and efficiency standards? Then we found out in July that this bill was conceived from a colossal bribery and money laundering scheme , perpetrated by AEP, resulting in the arrests of the speaker of the Ohio House, Larry Householder and four others, including a former Ohio Republican party Chairman. You see, folks, this is known as CORRUPTION. To let this bill go forward makes a mockery of how our government is supposed to work.

In response to calls for HB 6 to be repealed, lawmakers have introduced HB 798. If HB 798 passes, nuclear bailouts will be delayed one year, but in 2022 ratepayers will still have to pay for them. Ohio citizens will start paying for coal bailouts THIS January, 2021. The state will also lose funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency programs.

If you are angered by all of this, make some noise about it like thousands of Ohioans already have, and call your State Reps. and Senators. Tell them we demand a complete repeal of HB 6 and a rejection of HB 798.

James Grecni



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