Where’s the worry?

First, three Washington County commissioners or commissioners-elect appear maskless within feet of each other during a historic pandemic that has killed 300,000 Americans.

Second, current commissioners Kevin Ritter, David White and Ron Feathers urge the Republican Ohio Attorney General David Yost to join the insipid Texas suit to destroy the little bit of America left after four years of Donald J. Trump. (Ritter says he is a Constitutional expert). Must be true.

The commissioners obviously have too much time on their hands.

It is not as if they have led the county to bankruptcy as they fought tooth and nail allowing human waste to continue unabated flowing from Devola down stream threatening drinking water in Marietta, Belpre and other downstream communities.

It is not if they have turned their noses up to doing anything to create a county land bank to help develop a plan to cope with the hundreds of blighted and collapsing buildings throughout Washington County.

It is not as if the commissioners have not done everything within their power to stop efforts to protect natural areas from unnecessary destruction.

It is not as if they care only about white supremacy, Trumpian insanity, community division and other good Ole Republican caste domination.

With leadership like this, what could we have to worry about in Washington County?

Roger G. Kalter



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