A new beginning

I rarely make New Year resolutions, but this year I feel the need to do so. 2020 has been hell on wheels for most of us, and indeed, those of us who are blessed with empathy feel more deeply the suffering of all living things. Sometimes it’s too much and we have to turn away and go within to save our sanity. After all, there’s only so much that one person can accomplish out there, and self-work is, by far, the most important work we can do. In lifting up ourselves, we lift up the world. Literally.

My 2021 resolution is to renew and increase my inner spiritual focus, work earnestly to see more truly what my purpose is on this earth, and then endeavor to fulfill it. First, by seeing and letting go of any negative feelings and behaviors that contribute to the current tidal wave of ill will and hostility that has been so destructive and hurtful to all of us. Then, by working every day to increase my ability to be a force for good in the coming years.

If we truly want a new world, one where all living things are free to live their lives in peace and joy, then daily self-work is essential. To change the world, we must first resolve to change ourselves. The good news is that every moment is a new beginning, a new opportunity to grow as human beings, and I am constantly grateful to God for that!

God bless, and have a very happy, very positive new year!

Regina Carpenter

Sammamish, Wash.


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