Butler Street’s future

Council members, administration and Marietta Collage officialS,

Butler Street is a valuable part of public property. It currently is used as a street.

The city has a responsibility to maintain it. It hasn’t been crack sealed since it was resurfaced 3-5 years ago. It has multiple crack lines unrepaired.

Illegal Asphalt repairs have been made in the historic brick Fifth and Butler intersection. City law requires proper brick maintenance. City law says those convicted of asphalt repairs in brick streets can face criminal charges. Motorists drive left of center regularly because of disrepair.

Marietta College has spent the money for the crosswalk signs to protect pedestrians crossing. Unfortunately, many pedestrians and motorists are consumed by smart phones and risk injury and death.

Marietta College Police spend more time and money on Butler oversight than city police.

MC also understands the value of bicycle police. Marietta’s police leadership believes bicycles are toys and does little if anything to protect pedestrian and bicyclist safety anywhere, let alone on Butler St.

Both walking and cycling has skyrocketed during the pandemic. But, the city is doing little if anything to accommodate safe alternative transportation.

Pedestrians and cyclists are told to be careful.

On the other hand, Marietta College’s previous requested acquisition of the Butler Street public space was arrogantly presented by MC President Bill Ruud. A sitting council members words, not mine.

There needs to be an open, public community discussion about the future use of the Butler Street public property.

In the meantime, the city needs to repair and maintain the public property. MC needs to encourage our beloved students to pay attention while crossing the street in crosswalks. And not have their noses down on cell Phones.

Marietta College is an incredible community asset and partner. It’s up to everyone to step up responsibly.

Roger G. Kalter



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