Calls for unity are ironic

A recent speech on the floor of the US House during the impeachment debate paints a compelling reason to begin now to address the madness that has over taken the Republican Party. Rep. Jim Jordan from Ohio had the audacity to call for “unity” and for all Americans to move on from the violent insurrection that occurred at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Mr. Jordan along with Sixth District House Representative Bill Johnson and the other Republicans who voted against Impeachment want nothing more than for the voters to forgive and forget.

The irony of Mr. Jordan’s remarks after five years of supporting the lies and self-dealing of Donald J. Trump are an indictment of the current Republican Party itself.

He and others such as Bill Johnson have long looked away while democracy was perverted, used to enrich Trump and his friends and punish anyone who opposed policies that continue to destroy the environment, take healthcare from millions and ignore a pandemic that has killed almost 400,000 people in the US. Even after the attempted coup in Washington DC, Trump has yet to offer condolences to the families of those lost, including a veteran who while serving as Capitol Police Officer was brutally killed by the insurrectionists.

As more evidence comes to light, including allegations that some House members may have actually provided “tours” of the Capitol to mob leaders on the day prior to the attack, charges need to be filed.

As people of Faith, many Americans belief in forgiveness is strong, but so is a belief in Justice. Americans must demand that those responsible for the attempted coup on January 6th, regardless of station or office be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Unity is needed but it is the unity of purpose that declares that “We the people” will not tolerate the destruction of the government and the overthrow of a legitimate President, Joe Biden who will be inaugurated on Jan. 20.

Unfortunately, the US Constitution does not have a provision for recalling US Representatives; however, the House can censure and/ or expel a member for high crimes such as aiding insurrection.

Voters will eventually have an opportunity to remove Mr. Jordan, Mr. Johnson and others like them from office. I would urge both Republican and Democratic leaders to begin to look for replacements to run in 2022 who are worthy of these high offices. Neither party should have a lock on honesty and the desire to serve the people rather than be served.

The culture of “Me first” promulgated by Trump needs to be replaced by public servants who accept a call to work for the “least among us” rather than for their own political ambition. This attitude is a minimum for all elected officials be they City, County, State or National. Again, voters will receive the government they deserve.

Plan now to become involved in local, state and national races. Democracy is not a spectator sport, all citizens have a role to play.

Teresa R. Porter



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