Avoiding socialism

Dear reader, our area of southeastern Ohio votes strongly republican. The Republican Party has made clear their opposition to “socialism”, including their opposition to “Obama Care”(properly known as the Affordable Care Act); their desire to privatize Social Security, Medicare; their opposition to labor unions; and, more recently, a larger stimulus payment. If you support the Republican Party and their anti-socialist agenda toward these and other social programs, then you can demonstrate your support by taking the following steps:

¯Return your stimulus checks/deposits to the IRS

¯If you are 65 or older, do not enlist in Medicare

¯If you are of retirement age, decline to file for Social Security (yes, you paid for half of it but the Republican Party wants to allow your funds to be invested in the Wall Street gambling casino that created the GameStop fiasco)

¯If you are utilizing Medicaid, stop using it

¯Consider working holidays, especially Labor Day, since that benefit is largely due to the efforts of labor unions

To do less and continue to support the Republican Party would be hypocritical.

John Whistler



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