Democracy in peril

Rep. Bill Johnson’s behavior has been profoundly troubling. He came to office through the same electoral process that he strived to undermine by promoted lies and failing to accept results of a free and fair election. Mr. Johnson swore an oath to defend the constitution of the USA. In his attempt to overturn the electoral college votes, he is complicit in the insurrection at our Capital. Our democratic system requires that voters pay attention and hold our representatives to high standards. Bill Johnson has dishonored our constitution and broke the faith with the people of this district. I hold our country and way of life dear. I hope we can all come together to improve our democratic system, not destroy it.

Rep. Johnson owes us an explanation describing what type of government he would like to see replace our democracy. Does he want a Russian-like strong man for life who poisons his opponents? Perhaps a fascist system, or a totalitarian state similar to China where human rights are egregiously violated.

An in-person town hall may help us understand why he is siding with the insurrectionists and disregarding his constitutional duties.

Debra L. Miller



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