Everybody lives downstream

About 50 miles up the Ohio River from Marietta lies the small town of Clarington. Clarington has a neighbor moving in, with ill intentions. Mountaineer NGL Storage LLC with the help of its sister company, Powhatan Salt Company LLC, plan to create an underground natural gas liquids (NGL) storage facility. Powhatan Salt Company LLC is applying to the Ohio Division of Natural Resources for permits to take millions of gallons of water from the Ohio River, pump it underground to a salt cavern next to/beneath the river.

The water would then dissolve a cavity in the salt cavern and the water would then be extracted and stored in a nearby constructed reservoir. The vacated cavity in the salt cavern would then be used to store the NGL.

This method of using salt caverns for gas storage has been used before and has resulted in calamaties ranging from explosions to collapse, creating massive sink holes. This project has many concerns; nearby oil wells, nearby fracking activity and nearby coal mining. Salt water from the reservoir could easily contaminate the local aquifer and the Ohio River. And there are many more concerns.

The ultimate purpose of this underground storage is to feed a cracker plant that will produce plastic from this NGL. Plastic production is rife with all sorts of harmful waste that will likely contaminate our air and water. Do we really need more plastic that bad?

When something goes bad, and it will, who pays for the damage? It will be all of us, while the few individuals that profit greatly will suffer little to no consequences. The potential for great human harm and environmental damage is immense.

You have the opportunity to provide comment about the issuance of permits to allow the salt mining. Submit comments by February 6, to oilandgas@dnr.ohio.gov. The subject line in the email must read: Powhatan Salt Company solution mining well permit applications: No. SALT-1 SMP #2, No. SALT-2 SMP #3, and SALT-3 SMP #4.

For more information visit: concernedohioriverresidents.org or ohvec.org

Victor Elam



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