Here they go again

So here they go again, wasting taxpayers’ money on an impeachment trial on a man who is no longer in office. It is unconstitutional, only this time, we the citizens are paying with our lives.

Do you not think all this effort and our money the House of Representatives is wasting would be better spent protecting “we the people” from the COVID-19 pandemic? How many of our loved ones have died, how many more will dies? Where is the investigation into the origin of this deadly virus?

Also let’s not forget our brave men and women in the National Guard who are now infected with COVID-19 and bivouaced in a garage. A garage!

Pulled away from their families to protect the men and women who are using our tax money for a SECOND time to impeach our former president.

How long will “we the people” stand for this abuse: wasting our money, mistreating our National Guard, letting our loved ones die from COVID-19 because there are not enough vaccines?

I was proud that I served in the Army Reserve, but now the way the “new government” is treating our people, I am angry! You the people should be angry also. The “new government” is happy and excited their pet dogs are in the Capitol, yet our men and women of the National Guard are in a garage.

Is this the type of government you want? Violence in the streets, illegal aliens coming into our country possibly infected with COVID-19?!

These are questions I put to “we the people.”

I know who I voted for and who I’d love to put on trial. It’s a shame those who bend the law to suit their needs are not on trial as they should be.

Daisy Goodman



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