In response to violence at Capitol

Mid-Ohio Valley Interfaith is an organization committed to civil discourse and collaboration for the common good. As such, we wish to share publicly our reaction to the violence at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

First, we extend our sympathy to the families who lost loved ones and to those who were injured during this violent event.

Further, because we are committed to the assertive but peaceful expression of opinion, we condemn any form of violent demonstration.

As a group, we seek to nurture an inclusive community. Thus, we decry the racism and bigotry evident in the hateful language and actions of that day. Our Constitution calls for equal respect for persons of all racial groups, and, although the Christian faith is the predominant religious preference in our country, the First Amendment guarantees both freedom of religion and freedom from imposed religion.

Likewise, we support those in law enforcement and the justice system, and we honor the work they do to uphold the rule of law. Therefore, we support holding instigators and perpetrators of the violence accountable.

We also affirm the need for candidates and citizens to accept the outcome of a presidential election that has been deemed fair and legitimate by reliable entities. And we uphold our country’s tradition of peaceful transition of power, a tradition that fosters trust among the electorate and ensures stability and continuity of government services and protections.

We pray that as our new president and legislators move forward, they find common ground and develop legislation to help those struggling to survive during this pandemic. We hope, too, that we in the Mid-Ohio Valley can address local problems with civility and a sense of common purpose.

MJ Ebenhack, David Smith, Martha McGovern

MOV Interfaith members


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