Open letter to City of Marietta

I would like to bring attention to and congratulate our Marietta City Council on the passing of Ordinance 165, which increases the marketing capacity of the Convention and Visitor Bureau (CVB) and allows support for Marietta Main Street and the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority. We are humbled and fortunate to be a part of such an amazing community of neighbors and dedicated elected officials.

Since 1962 the CVB has worked tirelessly to market Marietta and Washington County as a premier getaway destination, and our efforts have proven to be successful. Though much work is yet to be done, Marietta is one of the top destinations in Ohio’s Appalachian Country and our travel industry employs approximately 1,800 people in Washington County. With the additional revenue from the passing of Ordinance 165, we are certain our communities will reap a return on that investment.

Additionally, the work of Marietta Main Street to maintain a thriving, vibrant commercial district is a key driver of our local tourism economy and supports the innovative aspirations of local entrepreneurs, further sustaining our local workforce and increasing the quality of life residents enjoy.

Further, with the additional funds received by the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority, the Washington County Innovation Grant will launch and invest matching funds to area employers embracing new technologies that lead to job creation and retention, market expansion, and/or the enhancement of profitability. The Port Authority is dedicated to equipping a quality, local workforce and to increasing job opportunities to residents in Washington County. These funds support their mission, and thus, supports ours, to promote Marietta-Washington County as a desirable destination.

The effects of COVID-19 have been felt across our entire travel industry and we genuinely thank City Council for having the wisdom to recognize that now more than ever the community needs to take action, setting in place strong community and economic development initiatives to counteract our losses and put us in a strong position for a quick recovery.

We applaud your forward thinking and recognition that our outdoor recreation opportunities, festivals, attractions, history, shopping, dining, and beautiful places to stay overnight are worth investing in.

The final Marietta City Council vote on Jan. 21, 2021 was unanimous in favor in the passing of Ordinance 165. This is an incredibly positive outcome — a great start to the new year — and represents a giant step forward for the Marietta community.

Deana Clark



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