Thank you, Bill Johnson

On Nov. 3, Representative Bill Johnson easily won reelection in Washington County with 73% of the votes cast. The enormity of his win was a victory for all in Washington County who value his support and work for – to name just a few – freedom of speech, the sanctity of human life, freedom of religious expression, border security, our vital local energy industry, broadband initiatives, a strong military, and especially, the bedrock importance that any legally-registered citizen who chooses to exercise his right to vote can be certain that his vote will be tallied correctly and will not be offset by votes tallied incorrectly or accepted from ineligible voters.

By mentioning “ineligible voters” I mean no disrespect to the deceased.

Someone may have lived a life as a stellar citizen; but once they pass, let’s face it, any vote received from them must be set aside as “ineligible”. The vote should not be dumbed down, sold, swindled or served up like baby food to the uninterested.

To Congressman Johnson I say, “Thank you so much for staunchly defending election integrity. We know you will continue to work for that. We are proud of you.”

LaTrelle Ellis



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