Gee, What happened?

Gee! What happened to my Right to cast a legal vote? Not one negated by some illegal alien, or felon, or criminal fraud using some dead or long gone addressee? And the machine fraud criminals, and the unsecured, unverified mailed ballots ” harvested” or cast by persons who never had to show a photo ID? And the insanity of States being forbidden to purge voter rolls of inactive registered unknowns?

Gee, what happened to my Natural Right to self defense? How about my right to buy and own my own house, or farm, or business, free and unmolested by extreme regulations and taxes to pay for endless UnConstitutional “programs” and crony benefits to friends and families of corrupted politicians? Gee, when did Ohio devolve into a place I don’t recognize as a free State in a Constitutional Republic? Research Federal Senate Bill SB1, for more Marxist Federal usurpation of Sovereign State and Individual rights, today.

Don’t wake up one day soon exclaiming, “Gee! What happened?”.

Pay attention. Seek out informed and active Patriots. Get to work now. You are needed right now.

Bruce Edward Haas



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