Gun laws don’t solve the problem

It is a sad day in America when gun violence takes many lives. However, to continue to blame the implement used makes no sense. It is the fault of a person, not the weapon.

Tighter gun legislation only makes it difficult for law abiding citizens to exercise their rights under the constitution. Law abiding Americans will be treated like criminals, who by the way are not influenced by gun laws. These persons will do what they want regardless of the law.

I read the police reports all the time and notice quite frequently that a person who is prohibited from possessing or owning a firearm because of prior crimes still does it all the time. Just like people who have suspended licenses still drive. They do not care about the law. Using the same logic of banning guns, drunk drivers kill over 40,000 people per year. Let’s ban cars or severely restrict them.

How about knives, hammers, etc.? All of these items are used by people to kill people. These items do nothing by themselves. As long as politicians keep having a knee-jerk reaction, the problems with guns will continue. Taking them away from law abiding citizens solves nothing.

Target shooting is a sport. Plain and simple. Just because a law abiding citizen owns a weapon with a magazine capable of holding 20 or 30 rounds (bullets), does not mean they will suddenly become a mass murderer. And by the way, the general public does not understand the difference between an automatic weapon and a SEMI-AUTOMATIC weapon.

Semi means you have to pull the trigger each time. Automatic weapons are illegal unless a special tax stamp is purchased. The public needs some education of that fact.

New gun laws that punish the innocent do not help.

Robert Sadler



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