How great is $15.00 minimum wage?

Yes, it is commendable and much appreciated by senior citizens and those with challenges that our elected officials proclaim: “We need to take care of those most vulnerable in our community first in getting vaccinated against COVID-19.” These acts by our elected officials are laudable. At the same time the above mentioned categories of “most vulnerable” are put into grater disadvantage by $15.00 minimum wage, for first time workers there will be unable to find employment, as well as get subjected to having to pay higher prices for goods and services.

Same is true for senior citizens. In their lifetime they did not garner $15.00 minimum wage. They were happy to earn as much as 40 cents an hour as I did at 15 years of age. Since I was still attending school, I lived in my father’s house; grandmother saw to it that I had enough to eat. I learned to budget my earnings. Within six months I was earning $1.25 (it was good wages in the early 50s) selling shoes at Clarence Faflks in Cleveland, Ohio. I was paid for my value to the company not minimum wage. Even when I became a teacher and had earned my Masters in Special Education my wages did not approach today’s proposed $15.00 minimum wage. I had never considered myself as not having enough. Now it seems that the situation is becoming more challenging with foreseeable prices going up, due to minimum wage, and in the future it will be difficult.

Who is benefited by $15.00 an hour wages?

Val Hoover



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