It is time to wake up

Recently I watched an interview with liberal author Naomi Wolf. Our political beliefs are far apart, but she is right on the money about what is going on in this country and where we stand as a nation. She states that we have been so divided, we are missing the rise of the totalitarian police state using a pandemic to achieve the goal. She went on to blame government as well as large corporate interests. We have witnessed a complete abandonment of Constitutional principals and rights. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say anything about suspending the rights of people in order to be safe. Never in history have we as a nation been forced to give up our liberties. History has taught us that once power is taken by government, rarely do they cede that power. I am struck by a recent article I read that helps illustrate the problem we have been facing. According to the article, COVID-19 vaccine is deemed nothing to worry about because it is only harmful to 1% of those that take it. That 1% number is now safe and you should take the vaccine. While that may be true, the death rate for COVID-19 in the United States is around 2%. So, we are to believe 1% is a great risk, but at 2%, we must shutter businesses, mandate masks, restrict travel, restrict the right to gather, destroy small business, and a host of other restrictions. The window to get our rights back is rapidly closing. Please wake up to what is being done.

Jay Owens



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