Marietta River Trail needs improvements

The city of Marietta has the perfect opportunity to use some of the $9-10 million in pandemic/stimulus funding to improve pedestrian and bicyclists safety, particularly on Marietta River Trail.

Early trail use during the pandemic double or tripled. The Multiuse trail provided safe access for walking, bicycling, grocery shopping, access to minimum wage jobs without previously required travel on Ohio 7 a cross I-77 entry points.

Then seven months after the 10-year, $2.7 million Phase 5 opened across Duck Creek, it was barricaded after catastrophic collapse.

Basic design flaws in the Duck Creek retaining wall’s completely inadequate 11 foot long metal pilings (they are 45 feet along the Ohio nearby), caused the collapse now being litigated.

Meanwhile, non-drivers, walkers, cyclists, workers and grocery seekers again are forced onto Ohio 7.

Or they break the law and trespass thru the collapsed section of trail. Trespassing, while deemed illegal by those who never use the trail is 100 times safer than travel on Ohio 7.

On the collapsed trail, people have to watch their step. Marietta’s dangerous sidewalks are great prep.

On Ohio 7, they have to avoid limb lumbering tractor trailers, insanely speeding cars and trucks, distracted drivers, drunk drivers and all the debris constantly accumulating on the road shoulder.

Get creative, use some of the $9-10 million to get a safe access for alternative transpiration along River Trail Phase 5 and for improving dangerous trip hazards on sidewalks thru out the city. And ticket those who park motor vehicles on or blocking sidewalks.

Roger G. Kalter



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