Marietta traffic

My wife and I are daily walkers in Marietta and the disregard for pedestrians by drivers that we observe is shocking. Speed is usually well beyond the posted limits, extra loud mufflers (there’s an oxymoron) are common and there are very few drivers who yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. While trying to use the signed crosswalk with flashing lights on Third Street between Tupper Park and Sacra Via, with my grandchildren at hand, many cars sped right through the crosswalk as though we didn’t exist.

When we visit our daughter’s families in Massachusetts and Maine, EVERYBODY stops for pedestrians; that’s just how civil society functions in the northeast. Not in Marietta, Ohio; it seems that drivers would rather kill you than inconvenience themselves. Also, note to the Marietta Police: the black Mustang with extremely loud tail pipes that zooms around Marietta every day, PLEASE write a ticket or two. That driver is a detriment to safety and quality of life in Marietta. Certainly there are laws regarding automobile noise levels.

John Whistler



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