Safe route to school

Hart Street beside 756 Greene is a “Safe Route to School” to the city’s largest elementary school. Is it any wonder less than 10 percent of our students pre-pandemic walk or ride bicycles to school?

Why? Because in most areas of the city, it is too dangerous to walk even 2-10 blocks to school. The collapsing wall at 637 Phillips, vehicle blocked sidewalks everywhere except Fifth Street, trash containers perpetually blocking walks, such as 915 Front, and the city’s illegal 8-month blockage of Seventh at Putnam. Everyday violations of city and state law that impact everyone.

As our country becomes more obese, increases its Type 2 diabetes, Marietta makes it nearly impossible to safely walk–which is one of the best ways to travel and stay healthy.

With a bit of effort and attitude, Marietta could be a beautifully walkable place for residents and tourists to enjoy, safely, even during a pandemic.

Until there is a comprehensive plan with immediate action, many will continue to suffer falls, broken bones, and other life-altering injuries.

More than 50 volunteers and city employees working over three years inventoried Marietta’s 900 blocks during the Walk Marietta Project creating the first ever basic safety survey of sidewalks.

The painstakingly gathered information–worth untold thousands of dollars–sits gathering dust somewhere in the Marietta City Development Department’s files or elsewhere out of the way.

The city has been notified of receiving $9-10 million of the $1.9 trillion Stimulus/Coronavirus money. Wake up and fix the sidewalks so we may safely smell the roses, walk to school, the parks, groceries, cemeteries and anywhere else by the nation’s 250th Anniversary.

It would be a great way to celebrate and every human being would benefit. What could be better? What could benefit more people?

It’s 2021, what are we waiting for? Devine intervention?

Roger G. Kalter



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