Now here’s an idea!

Now here’s an idea! This would be the perfect time to establish year-round schooling in the United States. If I am not mistaken, our concept of 9 months of schooling and 3 months of summer vacation was instituted when our country was mostly agrarian – when children were needed to help on the farm in the summer. That is no longer the case and we should be following the example of the more enlightened European countries of having school all year with periodic breaks here and there.

Many of our children are still not in school full time and have fallen behind in their education because of the pandemic. It doesn’t make sense that they are just now starting back to school for a couple months and then will be home for the summer. We should take advantage of their eagerness to be back in the classroom.

Mom or Dad are no substitutes for a teacher and a classroom of fellow students.

Not only would President Biden’s American Jobs Plan allocate $621 billion for roads, bridges, public transit, rail, ports, waterways, airports and electric vehicles, but it would allocate $100 billion for education and $100 billion to give every American access to affordable, reliable and high-speed broadband. President Biden’s plan would put a lot of people back to work and it would be paid for by raising the main corporate tax rate to 28% – about half as high as what it was before the Republican tax cuts of 2017 that lowered the rate to 21%.

It is time for our Republican friends to pick a new leader — one who seeks to unify behind policies that rebuild our nation, one who is willing to work with the Democrats to make it happen and one that recognizes that Joe Biden is our president and Kamala Harris is our vice-president — like Liz Cheney. And it’s time for Congress to do what they were elected to do — get to work for the American people.

Carol Lazear Mitchell



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