We have a problem!

We have a problem when for the first time in our history, the former president of the United States refuses to accept the will of the people in a presidential election and the peaceful transfer of power.

We have a problem when the president of the United States incites an insurrection of his followers to stop the Congress from certifying the electoral college votes of that presidential election.

We have a problem when the majority of Republicans refuse to have a bipartisan commission look into the causes for the January 6 insurrection.

We have a problem when a majority of Republicans think Mr. Trump won the presidential election that was held 6 months ago because Mr. Trump keeps telling them he won.

We have a problem when Republicans are now passing laws to suppress the vote in a majority of states despite the fact that both Republican and Democratic state and federal election officials consider the 2020 election the most secure in American history.

We have a problem with the truth in this country.

As long as Americans depend on social media for their news, many will continue to believe the latest conspiracy theory or lie that someone invents either foreign or domestic in origin.

We have a problem because we no longer have two strong political parties in this country. The Republicans are split between those that want to move on with new leadership and those that are afraid of Mr. Trump and are still doing his bidding to please the 30% who are armed and ready to overthrow the government and put him back in power.

We have a problem because Congress refuses to do the job they were elected to do. Republicans and Democrats used to work together to solve the nation’s problems but starting with the Obama administration, most of the Republicans now just say “no” to everything the Democrats propose.

We have a problem when our former national security advisor Michael Flynn said May 30 and June 1 that a coup similar to what has happened in Myanmar “should happen” in the United States and a lot of Republicans seem to agree.

We are going to have a problem holding on to our Democracy if the American people don’t start taking more of an interest in what is happening at the local, state and national level of government and elect congressmen and women who are Americans first — defending the constitution and representing you and I — and members of a political party last.

Carol Lazear Mitchell



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