Democrat socialism

Our local democrat socialist mouthpiece wrote a very prophetic warning to Americans. He spoke of the “too dumb” cult members and a crazy man. He crowed with delight about the future deaths of “a few million” cult members. Under socialism, which he fully supports, many millions more citizens will be exterminated. Socialism is responsible for over 100,000,000 murders throughout its nearly 100 year terrorism campaign.

He spoke about the “too nice and moral democrats”. He (they) are, in truth, God haters, anti-christian, racists, abortion loving (millions murdered), homosexual special rights. He (they) have fully endorsed the riots all over this nation where Americans have been looted, robbed, burned out and murdered.

Although socialism wants to rewrite our history, their history is full of murder and mayhem. They will not rely only on their own contemporaries, but on millions of “Useful Idiots”who have no understanding of the horrors that dem/socialists will inflict on all but their most ardent fanatics. Useful idiots is a term coined by lenin went socialism took over Russia.

If you give the the democrat/socialism full power, then beware. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The socialist standard is “do and say anything to take power, then use that power to rule.

Americans, stand in opposition to the devil and his agents. Pray for guidance.

Thank you Ralph.

Eric R. Brant



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