What If?

What if?

What if Biden’s claim to fame was creating a policy that jailed more minorities for petty crimes than ever before?

What if Biden’s never left his basement and averaged only 4hrs. a day working?

What if Biden’s son’s pornographic pictures and drug habit was all over social media for all to see?

What if Biden’s son applied for illegal gun permits?

What if Biden’s son received millions of dollars for a job he knew nothing about from a foreign country which had no love for our country?

What if Biden’s campaign was funded by Big Tech and Big Pharma?

What if Biden fell down the stairs of Air Force One plus was unable to hold a press conference longer than 5min. failing to answer questions ever?

What if Biden opened the border allowing thousands of illegals to invade our country all during a so called pandemic?

What if Biden by allowing these thousands of illegals compromised our health by not testing, masking up or locking up all the while Americans must test, mask and lock down?

What if Biden forced an untested, unproven vaccine upon the American people even after bad side effects plus death has been reported?

What if Biden demanded all federal employees get the experimental vaccine?

What if by opening these borders Biden allowed children to be used to gain access to our country and these children and women used in human trafficking?

What if Biden muzzled your children without any scientific proof masks work but lots of scientific proof masks don’t work only to expose your children to what amounts to a germ infested Petri dish?

What if Biden abolished the Key Stone pipeline and American jobs only to ask foreign country’s to ramp up their production?

What if under Biden gas prices rose 41% ,food prices 4%, car prices rose 40%?

What if Biden wanted to de-fund the police?

What if Biden said he was going to send the American people a check for $2000. but only sent $1400?

What if Biden promised 1 million jobs but didn’t even come close?

What if Biden’s election was proven to have been stolen but news media refused to show it. What if locale leaders involved in the cover up tried hiding and deleting the evidence?

What if you wanted to post your thoughts on Biden but social media censored and deleted your posts?

What if Biden snuck our troops our of Afghanistan like thieves in the night leaving behind billions of dollars of high tech equipment for the enemy to use against us ,plus left behind thousands of American Citizens.

All these things stated here are not “What If’s”, they are real!

What if We the People were fed up with the way this country is headed and decided to band together to change it?

What if We the People started small groups of like minded Patriots who research, get involved with the running of all levels of government?

What if We the People started holding our elected officials feet to the fire and demanding answers, by calling, emailing and visiting their meetings and offices?

What if We the People start running and supporting people who believe in our great country and will have the nerve and courage to fight and change this outcome?

What if We the People were willing to Make America Great Again?

A quote from the 1776 Report goes like this!

In the course of human events there have always been those who deny or reject human freedom, but Americana will never falter in defending the fundamental truths of human liberty proclaimed on July 4, 1776. We will — We must — always hold to these truths.

Carol Pabst



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