Why am I suing myself?

Before you laugh at my question, please consider that any citizen of Washington County who resides in the City of Marietta has been doing exactly that – suing themselves for nearly a decade.

When the Ohio EPA mandated treatment of sewage from all Devola homes, the Washington County Commissioners at that time entered into an Agreement with the City of Marietta to include expanded capacity into the design of planned renovations at the Marietta Sewage Treatment facility. The City honored that Agreement at considerable additional cost that would not have been necessary for the needs of Marietta alone.

Subsequent Washington County Commissioners decided that the enforcement actions of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency were unfair, not necessary and too costly and that those factors relieved Washington County of the obligation to honor its Agreement with the City of Marietta. In a nation of laws, honorable people do not handle difficult situations that way. Once that Agreement was signed by both the City of Marietta and Washington County, both parties became duty bound to honor it.

All the while, the citizens of Marietta have been paying extra sewage costs resulting from the Agreement with Washington County.

The current members of the Washington County Commission, Kevin Ritter, Charlie Schilling and Jamie Booth, recently presented a proposed settlement offer to the City of Marietta. The offer includes a substantial sum of money and demonstrates a sincere desire to resolve this matter. The executive branch of the City government has indicated acceptance of the proposal. The next and final step is approval by the Marietta City Council.

I urge City Council to act quickly to approve the settlement proposal and I urge your readers to ask their Council Representatives to approve this proposal.

Approval will relieve numerous residents of Washington County of the insane act of suing themselves.

Bob Kirkbride



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