A few thoughts

Just some short thoughts on three topics in the news lately.

First – Covid and the vaccine. The vaccine can’t keep everyone from getting Covid-19, but it can save your life. Just like a seatbelt won’t keep you from having a car accident, but it can save your life if you do.

Conservative, freedom-loving Americans (aka republicans) won’t get vaccinated because they say that’s what the left-wing socialists (aka democrats and the media) want them to do. Think about it people. Look a little farther than the end of your nose. The liberal/socialists don’t want conservatives vaccinated. The overwhelming majority of people who are dying are unvaccinated. The vast majority of unvaccinated people are conservatives. Everytime a conservative dies that’s two more votes for a socialist. The one the conservative doesn’t cast and the one they can cast for the dead person. Every time a conserviative dies, they’re laughing all the way to the polls.

Next topic – immigration. Every time Trump stopped illegal aliens from crossing the border into the U.S.A., or tried to send them back where they came from, the liberals and the media (one in the same) were outraged by his uncompassionate barbarism. Where is the outrage now that Biden is doing the same? He is even going so far as to fly them back to the natural and political disaster known as Haiti. Where’s the outrage? The liberals/media are strangely silent.

The aliens at the border obviously think this is a great country with much freedom and vast opportunities. Maybe we should be flying all of the people who think this is such a terrible, oppressive, racist country to Haiti, and allow the immigrants in to replace them.

Topic #3 – California wildfire/climate. In the Friday 9-24 edition of The Times, we read where a woman was arrested on suspiciou of setting a wildfire in Northern California. Let’s examine this more closely. A woman from San Francisco, California, a breeding ground for liberal/socialists, intentionally starting a wildfire. Could she be throwing fuel on the fire so to speak, to bolster the climate change claim? Have other firest been set for this reason? But we all know climate change radical activists would never do anything like that. Don’t we?

Just some thoughts to ponder.

Steven Hart



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