Marietta City Schools needs new leadership on the school board

On November 2nd 2021, the citizens of Marietta city school district have a great opportunity to change the course of our diminishing school system and student enrollment declines.

I feel the vacant spots would best be filled by established leaders in our community that would focus on financial responsibility, holding our educators and faculty to a high standard and to ensure our school system produces young adults that are impactful in contributing to our society now and in the future.

There are tough decisions to be made and changes are inevitable to give our schools a chance to prosper in one of the most challenging times in our history. The candidates that accept this responsibility must be willing to stand alone among their peers to always cast their vote for what is right for the future of our schools, students and faculty. This is why my votes will be for John Lehman, Cody Parman and Eric Reed.

I have known Mr. Lehman for a decade. I have witnessed personally his compassion for children and his expectation for them to achieve excellence in all they pursue. I have also been privileged to be around Mr. Lehman in his business establishments where he motivates his employees in a structured and kind atmosphere.

I personally know for a fact that John is committed to our community and school system. John has the knowledge to assure that financial decisions will be made for the benefit and prosperity of Marietta City Schools. I know he has the character to stand up for what is right under any circumstance.

Cody Parman will also get my vote. I believe Cody will bring a kind and spiritual health to our school system. Cody has had a very positive influence on my family and our values in the past several years. He is to my knowledge a man of his word and will always make his decisions on facts and principle without hesitation.

Eric Reed is my choice for the other vacant seat. I have seen him coach and build young men into winners. Eric has been a role model for many children of friends that I grew up with. We need a leader like Eric with the knowledge of building character into our youth, and to see that this is practiced throughout our schools. Eric will bring a tool box of small town kindness and citizenship to our school’s culture when elected.

I believe these three individuals will have the best shot at changing our community’s opinion of our school system and passing a much needed levy for the current and future Marietta Tigers!

Tom Beavers



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