Marietta’s teachers not gambling with education

Some people may think that choosing the three Board of Education candidates to represent Marietta City School District and the Marietta community is comparable to a lottery, “pick three” and hope for the best. However, the Marietta Education Association (MEA) chose not to gamble with our children’s futures. We examined all information put in front of us and compared it to the patterns presented by past candidates. Not only did we study the responses from the “Meet the Candidates” event, we also received responses to questions that we felt were important in the determination of our conclusion. If anyone knows how the decisions of the board affect education, it is the teachers. It is important to remember that it is not only our jobs affected, but we are also parents of Marietta students, and proud members of the Marietta community.

Therefore, we have decided to endorse Cody Parman, Eric Reed, and Sam Tuten as our desired candidates for the Marietta Board of Education. It was important to feel a sense of strength, compassion, and humility from our candidates. Eric Reed and Cody Parman both have children in Marietta City Schools, and have no plans of moving them elsewhere. They truly want what is best for our kids. Sam Tuten shows a passion for change and to restore the good standing of academics in the town he grew up in.

Showing a desire to fully understand the educational environment was of great importance as the decisions they make affect that setting. Sam Tuten, Eric Reed, and Cody Parman all indicated the need to be visible in the schools. Not in order to be seen or known, but to experience what it is to be in the environment they will have a hand in molding. From the responses given to MEA and the “Meet the Candidates” event, we felt these three had the best intentions to repair community trust and move education in our district forward, not backward.

Given that we have undergone massive changes, with the consolidation and the continuing adaptations that the pandemic demands, we did not feel it appropriate to endorse candidates proposing sweeping changes. We also felt comments made during the “Meet the Candidates” event were focused on decreasing measures put in place to keep our students and staff safe. It is important that our Board of Education members display the will to listen and understand how the modern education system functions.

Overall, we strove to focus on knowledge of modern learning, safety of the learning community, passion for change, a unifying spirit, communication skills, transparency, and a compassion for the community, students, and teachers of Marietta. With all of these factors in mind, we are wholly confident that these three candidates, Eric Reed, Cody Parman, and Sam Tuten, will best fit the needs of our stakeholders and district.

Alex Myers



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