Thank you, to Right Path partners

Family Night at the Marietta Aquatic Center has been a staple for The Right Path for 18 incredible summers. Thanks to a great rate from the City of Marietta, we provide a couple of hours of family time and for many of our families this has become a mini-vacation!

It has been amazing to watch youth grow up attending our events and now come back with families of their own. We have built relationships that are standing the test of time. We love our family nights!!

The Right Path really missed these connections last summer, so we decided to mix it up with 3 mini farmer’s markets to stay connected with the kids and their families. This market concept had been kicked around before as raising awareness on hunger has been part of our mission and we have partnered with our local food pantries many times. In 2019 we added a market night to a pool party with GoPacks and it was such a success we knew we wanted to repeat it.

So summer of 2021 saw us bringing back both the farmer’s markets and our “Partner Night.” Partners are the many businesses, non-profits, media and agencies that support our youth and families and add to all the fun! This includes games, prizes, sharing info and/or supporting an event. However they can be involved, we couldn’t do it without them.

Wendy’s, Juvenile Court, Bill Curran Fund and the Marietta Community Foundation, WC Behavioral Health Board, The Right Path Board, Premier Productions, WMOA and IHeart Media have supported us in our efforts for as long as we have hosted these events.

This summer we built additional relationships with MOVE (Mid-Ohio Valley Employment), House of Hope, Ely Chapman, GoPacks, Perry and Associates, First Presbyterian Church, Southeastern Ohio Counseling Center, Fort Frye Wellness Committee, City of Belpre, City of Marietta, City of Beverly, Belpre Homecoming Committee, Oriana House, Belpre Heights United Methodist Church, to name a few.

Special thanks to the Marietta Community Foundation for hosting our 18th annual end of summer Block Party, DJ Pat Horner and Kim Horner for their help with the Photo Booth and Photo Mirror, Jon Neff; Bob’s Greenhouse, Tom Fagan; River City Farmer’s Market, Tara Plaugher, Gary Williams, Greg Siegfried, John Wharff, Heather Allender, Britani Merritt, Mike Bishman, Jen Miller, Heather Warrener and a host of other partners.

Find us on Facebook and find out how you can get involved. You will have a great time getting to know your future leaders!!

Cathy Harper, on behalf of The Right Path for Washington County


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