Biden plan not really a plan

Biden orders 50 million barrels of oil released from our strategic reserve in bid to cool surging prices!

Brought on by nixing the Keystone XL pipeline project and freezing new oil and gas drilling leases. This will only release just 3 days of oil into the market, not a real solution to the energy crisis. How to fix problem is to let America produce the energy we have and need.

Energy costs vaulted 6.2% in the 12 months through October, a level not seen in nearly 31 years. Consumer sentiment over escalating inflation rate is at its lowest, with no effective policies being developed to reduce the damage from surging inflation.

Rising prices have become a political problem for the Biden administration, with 84% of Americans giving the economy a negative rating. Under President Trump Nov. 24, 2020, gasoline prices were $2.102 diesel $2.462. Big difference wouldn’t you say?

Under the Trump Administration we were energy independent, selling oil to other countries, now we are enslaved again, forced to buy oil from other countries paying what ever price they demand.

Is this truly a build back better? I think not! Ask yourself, how was President Trump able to achieve lowering fuel prices? Might be Making America Great Again!

Higher fuel prices will effect everything on top of the mounting problems facing us as I write this. I was under the impression that our emergency oil reserves were to only be used for emergency only, not to make the people in the White House look good?

What happens when it is gone? We are facing gas shortages, even less goods in stores, plus higher prices for what might be in the stores and will not be able to go anywhere, which might be the whole plan!

Biden is putting a bandage on a severed artery!

Carol Pabst



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